Main interface Updated!

User interface is easy to understand and to operate. Animation frames are displayed on the left side. In the center you can see frame editor.

Image editor and drawing tools Updated!

Create, edit and modify your GIF animation images directly from Easy GIF Animator. You can draw lines and shapes, paint image areas and even add text with a shadow.

Create text effect

With Easy GIF Animator you can easily create cool text animation effects.

Video to GIF conversion New!

Easily create animated clips from video files. Video to GIF conversion has never been easier before.

Banner wizard

With banner wizard you can create good looking web banner in a couple of minutes without any computer graphics knowledge.

Button wizard

Create cool-looking buttons from scratch or from template.

Color picker New!

Super-cool color picker offers a variety of palettes and can pick colors directly from screen. Geeks will love the support for HTML color coding.

Preview in Web browser

You can preview animation in your Web browser to see how it looks on the Web.

Access millions of images on the Web Updated!

Web image search feature enables you to find hundreds of relevant images on the web that you can easily use in your animation projects. Just enter your keywords and pick an image that you need for your project. This feature is available in Professional version only.

Save as SWF Flash with Sound

You can save your animations in SWF Format, this enables you to add sound to your animation. This feature is available in Professional version only.

Resize whole animation Updated!

Easily resize whole animation with minimal or no quality loss.

Easy transparency

It is very easy to set the transparent areas. You can simply erase parts of the picture with your mouse.

Clipart Updated!

Easy GIF Animator comes with free and easy-to-insert clipart images.

Optimization New!

Advanced users can now take control over the optimization of GIF images. For everybody else - Save feature still tries to do its best to optimize images automatically.